Materials Used in Jewelry from LinHopArt

Materials Used in Jewelry from LinHopArt

Since I also have sensitive ears, I knew I wanted to make my earrings comfortable for almost anyone to wear. After researching, I decided my default would be stainless steel. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and has no biological or chemical effects on the body.  It doesn't leach into your blood, cause any adverse effects, and won't interfere with any medications or medical procedures. It will not tarnish over time and does not commonly rust so it can be worn in water. When I create studs for my earrings they will contain stainless steel posts unless stated otherwise.

I have had friends who can't normally wear "cheap" earrings give them a try and they have been able to wear the stainless steel with no reaction. The majority of what you find in the big box stores. Stainless steel is made of combinations of iron and chromium. {More info can be found here}. Most jewelry supplies I have come across today are nickel-free metals, as so many people have issues wearing nickel. 

Stainless steel jewelry is infinitely recyclable with an almost 100% recovery rate. If it comes in contact with other elements, it remains environmentally inert and neutral without absorbing compounds that could alter its composition. Because of this, stainless steel jewelry is an excellent, sustainable choice.

I have recently (2024) been able to source some 925 sterling silver hooks at an affordable price. When these are used, it will be noted in the product descriptions. 

Special materials can be used as needed, message me. I understand there are specific allergies to metals and I'd be glad to find something that works for you. I am not a health professional and do not know your allergies. Purchases from LinHopArt are at your own risk. 


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