Meet LinHopArt | Lindsey Hopkins 

Being drawn to the creative process from an early age, Lindsey followed her heart and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008.  After getting married in 2009, she and her husband started a family in middle Georgia. While raising two hilarious and creative children, she taught painting classes from 2013-early 2020. The arrival of Covid-19 lead Lindsey to become a homeschool mom for her children. Needing to balance caring for them and her own artistic passions, LinHopArt (ultimately anything created by Lindsey) was finally pushed to the forefront of her priorities. 

Classically trained as an oil painter, Lindsey finds herself spending more time with acrylic and other mixed media. Color has always been the most important element for her work, no matter if it's embroidery, clay, or paint. After playing with clay with her kids, Lindsey realized she could turn the clay pieces into wearable works of art. She is also attracted to all things vintage and finding ways to upcycle materials in her work. Some examples include painting on tea bags and playing cards and using old sewing patterns and papers in collage. Painting on unexpected surfaces gives something that might have been trash, a brand new life.

It has been an incredibly fun exploration of texture, shape, and color. Thank you for the continued support while she strives to make everyone's life more colorful.